Be Yourself! December 02, 2018 ~ Goddess Light

2nd December, 2018 – Goddess Light


The Goddess of Creation began this channel talking about the energies of the earth. She spoke about how often people get pulled down by other’s energies or drawn into lower vibrations where they don’t end up feeling good.  The foundation for clearing ANYTHING in your life is the vibration of love.  We may get caught up in our lives where we consider what we need to change; either to let go or bring in.  Sometimes this change may keep us locked in a narrow perspective of just the part we are changing.  If we allow for love to come into our lives it will transform anything that is outside of love without your specifying what that may be to you.

When in the All That Is the Goddess spoke at length about the changes taking place from a cellular level throughout our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  Our divinity is here for us and creating the open flow allows us to receive the constant unconditional love of source!

The Goddess also spoke of judgment.  If you are in a place of judging yourself or others you are outside of love.  Judgment is created through your ego self and as you transform judgment, you are transforming your ego.  This was a powerful clearing that took place and then the crystalline energies flowed into and those spaces filling in the transformation.

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