Mother Mary Says The Time Has Come ~ Channeled by Linda Li

26th June, 2019


Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that our Divine presence will be shown to the planet in the upcoming weeks and months. We are going to make the world know that we, the Divine, are here, on the planet. The spirit world is here to help Gaia/Mother Earth in this ascension process, and humanity will be helped as well. It is Divine’s intention for the planet to have a smooth ascension, and for humanity’s Journey home to be sound and safe. Therefore, our Divine presence will be made known to the planet and humanity. We, the Divine deem it is time. It is time for the Divine to be known by the planet. It is time for the planet to see our presence. Together, with the help from the Divine and the company of Heaven, we have made it to this point and now we are ready. The time has come.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I know it is an exciting time. We have worked so hard for it dear heart. You and I have worked hard for eons of time for this moment. We finally made it. The time has come. Are you ready dear heart? Are you excited? Let us work together. Let the show begin. Let the world turn around, and let the world see us, spiritual warriors, great loves of the Mother God. You have worked for this day and now this day is here. Let us celebrate our victory dear ones, and let the world know how hard the fight is and how much each and every one of you have had to give to get here today. It is a hard fought battle, but you made it. You won the battle. You are the victor in this fight. You are the winner dear ones. You indeed won this battle for Gaia and Divine. What an amazing journey dear heart.

I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. You may have questions about how all of this will work out and how you will know we have won the battle. I say dear heart, listen to me, we have been fighting this battle for so long and now this battle has ended. You and I have won this battle. The Divine has successfully removed all the barriers on the planet, and is ready to declare victory. The Christ will be the leader for the upcoming time. She has incarnated and now she is being prepared and getting ready. Once the announcement is made, once the Divine presence is shown, the great Cosmo Christ will appear to the public. She is going to take the lead and guide the planet for the upcoming planetary ascension efforts. Her tenure will be in the decades, and she is ready for it. She has been prepared for this moment for thousands of lifetimes. Remember she is the Mother of the planet. She has the knowledge of the planet, and she has the unconditional love for her children. She has prepared all of her resources and teams, and now they are all ready.

Only thing left is to manifest in your reality. For that, the Divine has prepared quite a team of light workers to make sure that once the time comes, this team of light workers will make the announcements and the Divine will make itself known. Together, with the Christ, they are going to show Divine presence on the planet. Together, we will shake the world. A great show indeed.

I love you dear ones. In the upcoming weeks, we, the Divine will continue to broadcast this great news. We want our light workers to know that the time has come. You have been waiting patiently, and now the time has come. Get ready dear ones. Let the celebration begin. Let the world know that we are here, and you are the ones who have brought these changes to the planet. You are the unsung heroes and you are the representatives, on the planet who represent the divine and the company of heaven. You are the 144,000 glorious light forces mentioned in the Bible. You are the Divine sent angels who came to help Gaia and humanity. You are the angels in human form. You are the masters and you are the light that brings humanity home. You are the heroes and humanity will see you glory. Your days have finally come dear heart. The table has turned. You are the ones who have turned this table and now it is your turn.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. Let’s celebrate. And let the planet know that our celebration has begun. We will celebrate till the day you have finally made it to the world stage, ahead of millions and leading these millions home. That is you dear heart, each and every one of you, leading millions of your brothers and sisters home. That day is coming dear heart. You are needed by the Divine and the planet. Get ready, collect your tribe, lead your millions home. They are waiting for you dear heart. Your soul brothers and sisters are waiting for you. You are the leaders who lead your soul tribes home. That is the design, each and every one of you carries millions on your back. So get ready dear ones. I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.


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